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Al Qasr Mall

Location - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Lighting Installer - Rawda LED, AL Khobara

The Al Qasr Mall Mediafa´┐Żade is comprised of 2350 PixelDOME luminaires, each spaced 1m apart from each other and 140 Power-Data control units, both designed and manufactured by GVA Lighting. The unique dome feature of the Luminaires allows them to be seen clearly from a very wide viewing angle greater than 180 - which ensures visibility is not lost at obscure viewing angles, even when mounted flush with a surface. This is especially important for the Al Qasr Mall installation, where the main wall of the mediafaade has a convex curve which would render a flat lensed luminaire invisible at all but the most direct viewing angles.

  • Pixel Dome with ASI Connector